We are open at 374 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, Find us between 5th and 6th Streets, just a few blocks from the 4th Ave/9th St Subway station.
2014 was a very difficult maple season. It was too cold for much of the season but finished up with a full crop.
Our single source pure Vermont maple syrup is packed in environmentally friendly recyclable glass containers. These containers hold pure Vermont Maple Syrup from one or two barrels selected for their outstanding character. They are a little heavier and more fragile but glass is the best method for storing small quantities of maple syrup for use in your home or business.
Stored in a cool environment maple syrup is good for several years.
As always, we are thinking about your health and the well being of the planet..
We are not taking online orders at this time.

Our mission is to provide quality products paired with incomparable service.

- Black Bear Sugarworks

Company Info

Black Bear Sugarworks, a 250-acre farm is located in the southern Green Mountains of Vermont on the ancient Waite River limestone formation. This vein of limestone running through the property provides optimum soil conditions for 140-acres of sugar maples.
Just as wine and olive oil do, Maple syrup exhibits the unique characteristics of the local geography, weather, soil and care of the sugar maker.

When you purchase syrup from an individual sugar maker you have the opportunity to experience a single farms production instead of the blended offerings found in stores.

A phenomena of North America, maple sugar is made by the trees converting starch they stored in the summer. Nutrient rich sap is pushed to the crowns providing energy as spring arrives. Maple sugar is the second most sustainable form of sugar, behind honey.

The maple harvest is rich in history, sustainably farmed and was once proposed as the sugar of America by Benjamin Franklin.